Environmental Mitigation

Environmental mitigation is the implementation of measures to reduce the undesirable effects of a proposed action on the environment.

The types of mitigation activities include:

  • Prevention and control measures
  • Compensatory measures
  • Remediation measures

Mitigation Strategies

Strategies taken to avoid or minimise environmental impacts can include the following:

  • Avoiding the impact by not taking a certain action
  • —Minimising the impacts by limiting the degree or magnitude of the action
  • —Rectifying the impact of the action by repairing or restoring the affected environment
  • —Reducing the impact by taking protective steps during the action
  • Compensating for the impact by replacing or providing substitute resources

The video presentation on the right was used for a community workshop on the Moreton Bay Rail Project in the Moreton Region and outlines the basic fundamentals of environmental mitigation.

Video Presentation


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