Hays Inlet: Bramble Bay Redclilffe


Hays Inlet: Leeward side of Mangrove Forest where saltmarsh provides feeding opportunities for Sacred Ibis

An Orange Fiddler Crab on the mangrove forest floor at Hays Inlet 

The Night Heron is a shy bird and roosts in mangroves during the day and feeds on the intertidal flats at night 

 A Haswell's Shore Crab associated with the saltmarsh areas

Juvenile Banana Prawns are found in the creeks and gutters of Hays Inlet

A Mud Crab one of the top predators found in the estuarine, mangrove and saltmarsh habitats

These Black-winged Stilts can be found in the intertidal flats and saltmarsh habitats associated with Hays Inlet