The Western Beach Moreton Island

"Tangalooma" Wrecks on the western shore of Moreton Island at Sunset

Ghost crabs are nocturnal and found in the higher reaches of the Moreton Island beaches

Terns have spotted a small shoal of bait fish in the shallows of the Western Beach of Moreton Island

The Sand Goanna is common in the vegetated areas of the sand islands of Moreton Bay 

The Western Beach of Moreton Island runs from the resort at Tangalooma north to the small township of Bulwer. The beach is generally sheltered from oceanic conditions although there can be significant wave action when westerly winds work they way across Moreton Bay. Generally there is a shallow sandy beach along the coast, with a series of gutters following the beach. Around a 100 meters or so out from the island a deep channel with strong currents dominates the topography. Often you can gain an excellent view of Humpback whales as they make their way along the channel. The vegetation associated with this beach includes sand dunes and forest dominated by Eucalypt, Melaleuca and Banksia.  
Feeding Frenzy
Humpback Whales