Seagrass Habitat
Seagrass beds are located in many locations in Moreton Bay, especially on the Eastern section on the landward side of the islands, Bribie, Moreton, South and North Stradbroke Islands. The two most common species of seagrass include Eelgrass (Zostera capricornia) and Dugong grass (Halophila ovalis)  

Dugong grass has small oval shaped leaves and is the staple food for Dugongs whereas Eelgrass has long straight fronds similar to terrestial grasses and is the dominant species in intertidal flats.

Purple-tipped Bay Anemone in intertidal seagrass flats

Soldier Crabs in intertidal seagrass beds

Seagrass beds exposed at low tide

Female Sand Crab moving through a seagrass bed

Gastropod feeding in seagrass beds

Sand snail in seagrass beds


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