"On our Watch"

Seeing is believing! 

Whether you are just enjoying the magnificent scenery of our region or taking a closer look at some of its flora and fauna you never stop learning. Chilling out, bird watching or participating in a citizen science or bush care program, you never stop learning!

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Lamington National Park
Call of the Green Catbird

The Yellow-throated Scrubwren.

Flitting amongst the leaves and understorey is the Yellow-throated Scrubwren.  This delightful bird is difficult to photograph as it continually darts around the forest floor in search of insects hidden in the leaf litter. Like a number of birds associated with the rainforests of South East Queensland it has been recorded as a mimic, doing impressions of up to 30 other species! This bird is located in rainforest along the Eastern Coast of Australia, particularly at higher altitudes (800 metres).