MMLearning and offers the following services to assist in the development of online learning courses and activities:

Online course design

There is nothing worse than investing in a platform, building your online course and then finding the software doesn’t have the capacity to meet you or your learner’s needs.

We can provide design advice including the selection of a platform in order to deliver courses and assist with the development of digital resources for the curriculum (course content) learning activities and assessment items.

There are many online course platforms available on the market. Functionality and costs vary considerably and so the target audience, course curriculum and learning outcomes should be scoped first before investing in a digital platform to host your online courses.

Contact us if you would like to know how to get started on developing your own online training or learning resources.

Developing effective online learning resources

Many online learning activities such as text readings and PowerPoint presentations are passive and are often skimmed over by users. Well thought out and authentic activities can ensure the learner remains engaged with course content.  A picture or a map may be worth a thousand words and remember “Assessment is learning”!

The advantages of using a digital learning platform include the capacity to update content in real time, accessibility to your audience (time and place) and the opportunity to provide rich and authentic learning experiences.

Modern technology allows the production of video, audio as well as text and images (e.g., diagrams and concept maps) to enhance the learning experience for your audience. These resources can be scaffolded into the content of the course and ensure an inclusive approach to learning design as well as providing engaging activities for your learners.

Well-designed multimedia ensures the learner is not cognitively overloaded, which has been shown to inhibit learning.

We have modern high definition cameras including GoPro and Drone for the capture of video footage. We can also provide expertise in editing footage and resources to provide a rich and authentic learning experience for your audience.

Contact us if you would like assistance in developing and producing digital learning resources.

Hosting online environmental education courses

This portal has a number of online activities under construction including short courses on saltmarsh, mangroves and rainforest. They are designed to be engaging using rich media and appropriate activities for people who would like to learn more about the local environment, it’s flora and fauna and ecology. You can also checkout the blog page which contains articles on our local environment with subjects ranging from turtles to the rainforest and our coastal mangroves.

If you would like to have mmlearning host a similar course topic on this platform such as including training for citizen sciences, workplace, health and safety or just the chance for people to learn about the natural world, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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