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Short courses and articles on environmental related topics.

EnviroEd Blog

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Developing knowledge and skills focusing on our local environment.

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Environmental Education

This area of learning focuses on two themes. The first theme is around general education about the local environment associated with the Moreton Bay Region. The blog on this portal provides insights on various aspects of our flora and fauna. The second theme focuses on more formal areas of learning about the environment. This will be achieved through the production of short online educational courses on important habitats including saltmarsh, mangroves and rainforest.

Citizen Science

With the world in a dynamic state, scientists are looking to trained volunteers to help with collecting valuable data to monitor the impacts of humans on local environs (both positive and negative). The types of activities are usually based on monitoring changes over time (e.g. changes in vegetation, biodiversity and the general abundance of flora and flora, water quality). To maximise the value of data it is important that it is valid and reliable and methods of collection are consistent.

Working safely in the environment

Working in environmental rehabilitation projects including Bush care programs and general monitoring in the field is not without some risks, which can be managed through adequate training, proper equipment and appropriate planning. 


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