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This website is being constructed to provide teachers, students and the general public with information, images, multimedia and resources covering the ecology,the flora and fauna of the Moreton Bay Region. The site is provided as a free service to encourage website "visitors" to learn and appreciate the natural wonders of the area. 

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What's New on this Site

Recent additions to the site include a new section on Ecology and Science as well as a section on Citizen Science.

A new page in the Habitats sections has been added for the Scarborough Spit which contains a seagrass bed

The section on Ecology and Science has a new page covering habitat connectivity and includes a downloadable A3 Poster.

Check out the flora page where you can download a fact sheet including propagation information on the Broad Leafed Paperbark

Latest Videoclips

Saltmarsh Rehabilitation

These video clips provide interviews from experts in saltmarsh rehabilitation. The Bremner Road Saltmarsh project has provided the link between science and the community and gathering data on this important habitat.



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Campbell's Stromb


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