Online course for the Shorebirds and Wetlands of Moreton Bay released today!

Short Course on the Ramsar Wetlands and Shorebirds is now available.

A pair of critically endangered Far Eastern Curlews drifting over Deception Bay

As we move through February in 2024 the migratory shorebirds in Moreton Bay are busily foraging in order to build up their fat reserves for their return flight to Northern Asia. Up to 28 species of migratory shorebirds including the critically endangered Far Eastern Curlew make Moreton Bay their home during our summer. As the summer closes these wonders are preparing for the breeding season in Northern Asia and Alaska where their upcoming summer will see a proliferation of insects needed to raise the next generation of migratory shorebirds.

Unfortunately, many of these species are in decline and a number of visitors to Moreton Bay are now on the endangered list. The Ramsar convention is an international treaty designed to conserve and encourage the wise use of our wetlands including their flora and fauna. The Moreton Bay Ramsar Site is one of 66 sites in Australia listed as internationally significant wetland. The site covers over 120,000 hectares and apart from providing habitat for migratory shorebirds as well as other waterbirds, it is made up of many different wetland habitat types including coastal heath, saltmarshes, mangroves and the intertidal flats, each with their own unique ecology.


The spectacular wetlands of Hays Inlet, Moreton Bay.

If you would like to learn more about our shorebirds and the Ramsar Convention, how its implementation is designed to conserve these wetlands as well as an overview of the ecology of many of the wetland types in Moreton Bay (from Seagrass to the spectacular coastal heath) then you can click on the button below and enrol in an online course for a one-time price of $30.00. The course has 4 learning modules on the Ramsar Convention, the Moreton Bay Ramsar Site, the ecology of the Moreton Bay wetland habitats and coverage of waterbirds including our migratory bird visitors. The course contains rich visual imagery, lessons with downloadable resources and references along with quizzes on various subjects. Participants who complete the course lessons and quizzes will receive a printable Certificate of Completion via email. 

Up to 28 species of migratory shorebirds visit Moreton Bay each year.






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