Fungi: The other "Matrix!"

ecology fungi Dec 21, 2021

The other "Matrix"

Many of us may be unaware of a vast network of threadlike mycelia, which connect species, landscapes and ecosystems. This network of threads connects and interacts with organisms within the soil creating a living matrix, which underpins and supports our terrestrial ecosystems. These threads are the bodies of fungi and they range in size from microfungi (microscopic) to macrofungi, which intermittently produce fruiting bodies known as sporocaps (Qld Herbarium, 2021). 

Often, especially after rain, we can see an emergence of these mycelial fruiting bodies also known as mushrooms/toadstools. However, they take on many forms and if you look at the video above you can see some examples of various sporocaps from South East Queensland. There are many species of fungus yet to be discovered and described, and across the globe its believed that there are 3 million species of fungi (and only 150,000 have been identified)!

At times, you can see fungi in our backyards,...

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